Stats make case for Derryberry

First Posted: 10/3/2014

In 1979 I was appointed to a Deputy Clerk position at Allen County Juvenile Court by our former juvenile judge. In 1987 I became the courts statistician. I held that position until my retirement in 2004. During those 25 years I was privileged to work for both our former judge and our current judge, the Honorable Glenn Derryberry.

I currently work part-time at the court to cover clerk’s vacations and provide help whenever needed. I have recently been working with statistics. Our statistics are based on Ohio Supreme Court mandates.

In 2008, there were 181 felony complaints filed with the court. In 2013, only 83 felony complaints were filed, a 54 percent decrease in juvenile felony cases. Over the same period, misdemeanor complaints were also down by 43 percent.

No one can reasonably argue that law enforcement does not file cases if an arrest is made or that prosecutors do not prosecute when a complaint is warranted. Judge Derryberry handles every case on it own terms with consistent concern for the child’s need for rehabilitation and the community’s need for safety. Judge Derryberry’s programs and policies are benefiting our community. Judge Glenn Derryberry should be re-elected as Judge of the Probate and Juvenile Courts.

— Patricia Bercaw, Lima

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