1969 Chevy Chevelle SS

First Posted: 4/16/2014

LIMA — “There’s a fine line between pure sport and pure luxury. It’s called Chevelle,” reads the sales brochure for the 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS. The Chevy Chevelle SS represented Chevrolet’s entry into the midsize muscle car battle. It was the high performance version of Chevy’s Chevelle and had its own line of engines and performance equipment. The Chevelle SS eventually had the most powerful rated engine in muscle car history, the LS6 454. The Chevelle remains one of the most popular cars from this era. Its strong performance at a reasonable price made it popular on the street and track. The Chevrolet Chevelle was introduced on Sept. 26, 1963 and built between model years 1964 and 1977. It came in a wide array of body styles; from a two-door sport coupe to a four-door estate wagon.

Darrel Kistler, of Lima, brought his 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS to The Lima News’ Real Wheels Cruise-In. He has owned it for five years. Kistler is the second owner of the car. He said his favorite memory of the car is the day he bought it and drove it home in the rain.

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