A place called there

First Posted: 4/8/2014

This last trip to Nigeria was one of the most wonderful trips of all times for me. I could see the Lord moving all over.

One of the greatest moves of God was a totally unscheduled leadership conference that was put together in less than a week time. There was no publicity — only text messages. The outcome was a full house with standing room only in the church.

Of course, that was wonderful, but that was not the move of God that I am talking about. This area had been ravaged with bombings and there were great differences among the people. There was great separation in the community — no unity at all. This conference brought the brethren together.

The word of God sealed them together, and the fire of God burned them together in unity. There were pastors that were weeping before the Lord, hearts were melted, mindsets were changed and most importantly, forgiveness came forth. The devil is truly in trouble today because of what God did in Abuja, Nigeria. Where there was once death and destruction, there is now life and unity.

I then traveled to the North to Jos, Nigeria, to do two leadership conferences. The first church was so wonderful. I call it the church on the mountain, and it was literally on top of a mountain. It was so beautiful. The overseer of this church was over 100 churches, and there were representatives there from those churches in all of these meetings. The atmosphere was so charged with the Holy Spirit, you could tell that there had been fasting and prayer going on, preaching and teaching was so easy. Souls came into the kingdom every service. Leaders were transformed by the spirit of the living God. It was such a move that week. I concluded on Sunday morning — more souls, more transformation.

Then I moved to another venue for another leadership conference. This was very different. I could tell the Holy Spirit had another assignment for me. There was a lot of deliverance and healing taking place and of course souls, souls and more souls.

Then I had a three-hour road trip back to Abuja, Nigeria, to begin a women’s conference for a spiritual son, Bishop Basil. I arrived at Naynan Park, where I was picked up to travel to the hotel. The Lord was doing yet something very different in these meetings. What an anointing present. It was a refreshing anointing, a renewal anointing.

I ordained some of the leaders in the church. The Lord spoke to me to present my son with my prayer shawl. When I placed the prayer shawl over him, he hit the floor under the power of the Lord. He was so drunk that he could not leave the church until four in the morning. The Lord was doing a deep work within him.

All of these wonderful things took place, but then the unimaginable happened only about two minutes from my location. A powerful bomb went off and killed so many. Body parts were strewn all over. Cars, buses and vans were destroyed. I was so at peace through all of this. I know the reason: The safest place in the world you can be is the place the Lord has placed you. I knew that I was in the right position; therefore, I was safe. I put a post on facebook asking for prayer for the situation, and five minutes later I received a call saying that a driver was on his way to move me closer to the airport.

The next day, when my son was on his way to take me to the airport, he stopped by the bank — and while he was in the bank, his car was stolen. So he took a taxi to my location. While we were on the way, the Lord spoke and said, before I would arrive home, his car would be found. Well, they found his car and he drove to his service that night.

We knew the devil was very angry with all of the wonderful things the Lord was doing, but we were praising the Lord, with all glory and honor to the Lord. Whatever the situation you are in, are sure that you are in position, godly position, that holy place called “there.”

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