Giving an important aspect of holidays

First Posted: 11/29/2014

NOV. 29, 2014 — Now that the most frenzied early portion of the shopping crowd has been sated, store clerks can catch their breath, and the rest of us might want to take a moment to truly mind the season, to ponder the meaning of yuletide, and of “giving.”

While for many this is “the most wonderful time of the year” as the lyrics of a famous Christmas song goes, for others it remains part of a yearlong darkness of hunger, homelessness and unemployment.

This is a reminder to think of them, their needs and despair. Giving when and where possible can go a long way in lighting holiday lamps for others and ensuring the season’s message of caring is not lost amid the swipe of credit cards and the jingle of cash.

Food pantries, reach-out ministries, community-service organizations seeking volunteers, the Salvation Army, homeless shelters and government-operated senior citizen shelters and homes offer but a smattering of opportunities available to give, not just from one’s pocketbook, but through service in volunteering or just being available when asked

The holiday season for many of us might be short, bright and filled with cheer. Hunger and homelessness, however, are year-round problems. …

… Let’s make sure the yuletide spirit of giving, of caring and providing for one’s neighbors, extends as early as Christmas shopping now does.

If one less person went hungry or homeless, how wrong could that be?

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