Judicial race supposed to be nonpartisan

First Posted: 10/20/2014

In the race for Juvenile and Probate judge in Allen County, I have noticed that in what is supposed to be a nonpartisan contest that Judge Glenn Derryberry’s opponent has chosen to prominently display her party affiliation on campaign signs.

What might the motivations be for such a move? Is it a plea for Republican votes in Allen County for a candidate with very minimal qualifications?

It was said in one interview the challenger is just the last person standing who would run for the position.

As a registered Republican, I dislike this politicizing of what should be a nonpolitical election. In the campaign, the challenger notes that juvenile crime has increased during Derryberry’s tenure. She should know that the method for collecting and reporting the data by the Sheriff’s Office has changed. Case filings are down, in reality, which contradicts her point. No Judge is responsible for investigating or prosecuting crime or delinquency.

Now we have comments in the last week that indicate that a metric for determining a good judge is how many kids you throw in the slammer.


This is more evidence of lack of qualifications. So the question for the voters is: Do you want a person with minimal qualifications who has politicized a nonpartisan contest and draws incorrect conclusions from the data or do you want the highly qualified, nonpartisan person currently in the position who is doing an excellent job?

I choose the latter and encourage everyone to pick quality over politics and to vote to re-elect Judge Glenn Derryberry.

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