Last chance

First Posted: 11/3/2014

LIMA — Josh Mandel and Mary Taylor stopped in Lima on Monday to ask for voters’ support.

Lt. Gov. Taylor spent some time at Kewpee Hamburgers on Bellefontaine thanking campaign volunteers and asking customers for their support.

Mandel, Ohio treasurer, went to the polls and highlighted to voters how Ohio’s financial conditions have improved while he has been in office, for example, that Ohio had an $8 billion deficit in 2011, which Mandel has turned into a $1 billion surplus, he said.

“Overall we’ve improved Ohio from an economic mess, fiscal mess, to a strong financial state,” Mandel said.

He feels voters appreciate being able to talk to him in person. Mandel also has stopped and will stop in Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus and more.

Mandel also hopes to talk about House Bill 175, which are his plans to put the Ohio state checkbook online for the first time so residents can see the money the state is spending and where it goes, he said. His vision is to create citizen watchdogs and his eventual goal is to have county, city and school checkbooks online also. The bill was passed in the Ohio House in June and will be debated in Ohio Senate this fall.

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