Wrestling company celebrates 11 years

First Posted: 1/14/2014

LIMA — A local wrestling company will celebrate 11 years in business Saturday in Harrod, although this promises to be an unconventional birthday party.

“There are so many different things going on,” Mike Hirn, play-by-play announcer for W.A.R. Wrestling, said. “It’s partially a rock concert, partially a drama, and there’s violence. We try to put a show together where there’s something for everybody.”

This event will be held 11 years to the day after W.A.R. Wrestling’s first performance. Hirn attibutes the company’s popularity to Lima’s rich wrestling history.

“I’ve been around for about six years, but I can tell you that when they started at the beginning, Al Snow was the guy who was responsible for training all the fighters, and 11 years ago was right before his big run in the ECW and WWE,” he said. “Lima’s been a great wrestling town.”

Although W.A.R. Wrestling has maintained a local focus, performing at fairs and venues in the area, the fan base has grown beyond Ohio’s borders.

“Last year, we had an event called War X for our tenth anniversary at the UAW Hall,” Hirn said. “We had 800 people there from 14 states and two Canadian provinces.”

Saturday’s event may feature cage matches and anything-goes street fights, but Hirn emphasized that these events are fun for the entire family.

“A lot of people are worried when they go to wrestling shows that it’s not family friendly,” he said. “But the guys come out before the show for a meet and greet. They’re the nicest guys you’d want to meet.”

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