GOP voters should not vote in Democratic primary

First Posted: 4/28/2014

Putnam County Prosecutor Gary Lammers in mailed flyers and newspapers is urging Republicans to ask for a Democratic ballot and vote for him in the primary election on May 6.

Just because we do not have a Republican judge running in the primary, why in heaven’s name would we Republicans change our party affiliation just to vote for him (a Democrat)? Wonder what else Lammers would do to get what he wants. Why is Mr. Lammers so desperate for our Republican vote? Let him be the one to change his party affiliation if he wants Republican votes so badly.

Republicans: I hope you know that if you would be inclined to ask for a Democratic ballot, by doing so makes you a member of the Democratic Party until the next primary, which will not be until 2016 (then you would be able to switch back). Do you want to be a member of their party for two years? I DO NOT.

Judge Michael Borer, thank you for not running your campaign in such an underhanded way.

Charol Stechschulte, Columbus Grove

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