Foundation hands out grants

First Posted: 12/2/2014

DELPHOS — The Deinstberger Foundation in Delphos gave out $310,000 in funds to local charities Tuesday during an informal ceremony at the Delphos Club.

Rick Miller, a past president of the foundation, said the foundation has been giving the grants away for 17 years.

“This room is full of volunteers,” Miller said. “Nobody is here because they are being paid to be here. This shows what our community is all about.”

A total of 31 community service oriented groups ranging from school districts to museums were awarded money ranging from $500 to $45,000 during the ceremony. Miller said that an application process is available for any nonprofit groups that want to be considered. Groups had to have their applications turned in by Nov. 1.

Miller said the foundation was founded by Arnold Deinstberger in 1998. Deinstberger purchased the Del Ward Nursing Home in 1966 and later purchased another. In 1998, Deintsberger sold both properties to Van Crest Nursing Home and used money from the sale to seed the foundation.

“A certain percentage of what we invest must go back to the community each year,” Miller said. “Deinstberger laid out guidelines for how he wanted the money to be spent.”

Miller said the effect of the money is evident in the community.

“The first thing you see when you come into town is the veterans memorial,” Miller said. “It used to be an empty gas station and a parking lot. The money helps provide transportation for senior citizens to doctor appointments or the grocery store. We get caught up in our public schools and often forget about the kids with special needs. This money helps with that and a whole lot more.”

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