Obama’s actions leave many questions

First Posted: 8/26/2014

By the headlines in the newspapers you would think that Israel is “the terrorist.”

Israel has for years put up with relentless rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, an area that Israel generously gave over to the Palestinians in a peace deal nine years ago. Instead of peace, the Palestinians have turned their government over to the terrorist group, Hamas, who in their charter calls for the destruction of Israel and Christians. You would think that a good start to any peace deal would be for Hamas to recant such hateful language and recognize the nation of Israel.

Why did Obama call the United States a Muslim country? Why, when he spoke at Georgetown University, were statues of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Calvary’s Cross covered with a tarp? Was Franklin Graham nixed from the national day of prayer because he called Islam a violent religion?

Why is it, that Obama does not say one word about the Christians throughout the Islamic world who are being persecuted, crucified and beheaded, their churches being burned to the ground, and their being told to convert to Islam or die? Prince Charles and the prime minister of Canada have publicly condemned it, but not Obama.

Why did Obama let three cold-blooded killers out of Gitmo in exchange for a deserter and yet we have a U.S. Marine rotting in a Mexican jail?

As a Christian myself, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the place where the Prince of Peace will rule the world with a rod of iron. I’ve been flying my Christian flag as a symbol of unity for those who are being persecuted.

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