Woman indicted over numerous burglaries

First Posted: 6/12/2014

LIMA — A woman authorities say broke into numerous homes, stealing electronic equipment and jewelry, was indicted Thursday by the grand jury.

Mackenzie Basham, 19, was charged with eight counts of burglary, one count of receiving stolen property and one count of grand theft.

Allen County Sheriff’s Office Det. Mark Baker testified at Basham’s preliminary hearing he found thousands of dollars in stolen property in her apartment at 1855 N. Cole St., Apt. 71, and inside her car. She was arrested last week on a traffic violation, and the deputy took her into custody after a background check revealed a warrant for her arrest.

Baker and other investigators matched much of the property inside the apartment to property reported stolen, he said. Baker also has video of Basham at four pawn shops selling property, along with a picture of her license she was required to provide at the time of the transactions.

Investigators believe others were involved, but only Basham has been arrested so far. Sheriff Sam Crish said there are other suspects.

Baker said Basham also used a pawn shop in Grove City, near Columbus, to sell property.

The motive for the robberies remains under investigation.

Basham is accused of stealing thousands of dollars in jewelry, television sets, laptop computers and numerous items, anything that could easily be taken and turned into cash, Baker said.

The burglaries took place in April. The burglar forced entry into the houses. Once inside, the houses were ransacked, testimony revealed.

The burglaries were of great concern for the sheriff’s office during a period of several weeks. Crish sought the public’s help when it seemed there were few leads.

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