Cop killer denied parole

First Posted: 4/23/2014

COLUMBUS — A man who shot and killed a Lima police officer 40 years ago will spend at least five more years in prison.

The Ohio Parole Board refused to grant release for Ross Caudill, who shot and killed Officer Bill Brown. Caudill was up for parole again and his case was heard this week.

His next chance for parole will come in April 2019, according to records from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

In denying Caudill’s release, the parole board wrote: “Inmate time served and insight of risk factors do not outweigh the gravity of this offense or the significant opposition to release. Furthermore, inmate’s release at this time would diminish the seriousness of this offense and would not be in the best interest of justice.”

The board also said Caudill still poses a risk to the safety of the public.

It was Caudill’s 11th chance for parole. Caudill was given a release date 10 years ago but a large group of people in the community, police and prosecutors successfully petitioned the Department of Corrections to block his parole.

Caudill shot Brown to death on Jan. 5, 1974, during a gas station robbery. Caudill was given a life sentence for the killing with the chance for parole. He is now 58.

Caudill is an inmate at Madison Correctional Institution.

Caudill was 18 when he murdered Brown outside the gas station at Robb Avenue and Cole Street. He shot Brown four times before running from the area.

Brown’s family has led a charge to keep Caudill behind bars. Current and former police officers also vehemently oppose his release.

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