St. Charles kids practice caring

First Posted: 8/26/2014

LIMA — Most pupils at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School have been very hot lately, as the air conditioning at the school is only in the wing where the preschool and kindergarten pupils are.

This led to a conversation that Lisa Mahler, kindergarten teacher, had with her pupils Monday afternoon. Her pupils were complaining about the heat when Mahler began a discussion with them about life skills, which include caring.

Mahler talked to her pupils about what caring means and told them if they truly care about others, they should do things for them. The pupils began brainstorming about how to help the first- through eighth-grade pupils, who were much hotter than them. Mahler’s pupils came to the conclusion that ice pops are the most ideal way to cool off after a hot day.

“Just don’t learn about it, just don’t talk about it, but do it. Put those life skills in action,” Mahler said.

If the pupils put those skills into action, those skills will become something they remember, she said.

So, Tuesday morning Mahler brought 450 ice pops to hand out to the school, which the kindergartners were very excited to hand out, she found. There are two kindergarten classes with 20 children in each.

Anthony Martin is one of the kindergartners who got to hand out ice pops Tuesday. He has a sister in the air-conditioned wing but two brothers who are not and have said that they are hot at school. He said he wanted to hand out ice pops because it is nice.

Anthony had fun taking ice pops to the other pupils and said it made him feel good. He said that he was practicing his life skill of sharing.

The wing that the preschool and kindergarten pupils are in is a newer part of the school that has air conditioning, according to Mahler. Classes have been able to use the church basement, which also has air conditioning, when the pupils are too hot. Monday afternoon her pupils didn’t even want to go outside for recess because of the heat, Mahler said.

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