Denying our heroes proper care

First Posted: 6/10/2014

Consider the story of Dila Gents, a traveler who lost her way while driving through Virginia.

To ask directions, Dila came upon a well-dressed man at his roadside mailbox. In conversation, she learned his name was Linard Hasho and he was a politician.

Dila noticed behind the man was a very large property surrounded by iron fencing, she also saw a great and beautiful black and white bull. The man noticed her gaze, said that’s Old Vet.

“Four months ago he saved our granddaughter from drowning in our pond. That same month we experienced an attempted home invasion. We were terrified until Old Vet trampled all invaders. The coroner took them.”

The man said, “Last month our house caught fire in the middle of the night. Old Vet crashed through out back door, woke everyone up and saved our lives.”

Dila noticed as the bull turned, he was missing his right front leg and part of his right shoulder. She asked how did that happen?

The politician said, “Old Vet is our hero, you don’t expect us to eat him all at once do you! And then forget him right away.”

How many political Hashos will deny our veterans proper care for their heroism?

Larry M. Phalen, Kalida

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