Senators urge Army to use Stryker

First Posted: 2/13/2015

LIMA — The U.S. Army is looking for a new armored multipurpose vehicle and both of Ohio’s U.S. senators are urging the federal government to consider the Lima-made Stryker.

The Stryker, a medical evacuation vehicle, is made at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima and the Army’s use of it would lead to “increased production and economic activity” at the plant, according to Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office.

Both Brown, D-Ohio, and Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, met with U.S. Secretary of Defense nominee Ashton Carter to push for the Army to use the Stryker as a replacement for the M-113 combat ambulance vehicle.

“The workers at Lima’s Joint Systems Manufacturing Center make some of the safest and most advanced military vehicles in the world,” Brown said after the meeting Wednesday. “Adoption of the Stryker as an Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle would provide our service members with the protection they deserve while boosting the Lima economy.”

On Tuesday, Portman also met with Carter, stating that they talked about several topics and that he will support his nomination.

“We also discussed Army combat vehicle programs, the importance of Lima to this industrial base, and the capabilities we need for our soldiers in the field,” Portman said in a statement about the JSMC.

Using the Stryker to replace the M-113 would “save taxpayers the cost of development, while keeping medics and patients safe,” Brown said.

He said the Stryker’s “Double-V Hull” and how it helps protect troops in the vehicle “in case of attack from roadside bombs and other threats.”

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