Joyful noise at Mass

First Posted: 2/14/2015

DELPHOS — When it comes to music, the name Dan Schutte may not frequent any top 40 radio stations. However, his songs have made an enormous impact in the Catholic community, with songs like “Here I Am, Lord” and “These Alone are Enough” sung in Catholic churches nationwide.

“I remember playing and singing his songs as a teenager,” Maureen Jorden, of Mansfield, said. “It speaks so much to the heart and soul.”

Her husband, Dr. John Jorden, was very impressed with not only Schutte’s music, but his character.

“What I love about him is his humility,” he said. “His music is well-known, but his name isn’t.”

Schutte brought his songs and his insights to St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Delphos, holding a spiritual retreat Saturday. Along with prayer and fellowship, the retreat allowed Schutte to use his music to help convey his message to the more than 90 attendees.

“He’s been using a lot of the music he wrote to illustrate his points, one of them being prayer,” St. John’s liturgical director Mary Beth Will said. “We’ve done some exercises in the prayer of St. Ignatius and have sung a lot of the songs he’s written. It’s been a good day.”

For Schutte, this event was all about centering in as the church prepares to enter a special time of reflection and repentence.

“The heart of what today is about is being on a spiritual retreat to get people for entering into the Lenten season,” he said. “We wanted to have a day of prayer and reflection, talking about our journey with God.”

While this event was hosted at a Catholic church, Christians from other denominations were also welcome, with many of Schutte’s songs able to resonate with Protestants, as well.

“The prayers and songs are deeply rooted in Scripture, which is something all Christians can share,” Rosalyn Liston of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church said.

Schutte enjoyed his interaction with the attendees as he heard how his music has made an impact.

“That’s such a special place,” he said. “I put the music down on paper and send it to a publisher, and then I never know what happens after that, and when people come and tell me how much it’s meant to them, it’s special for me and it’s a confirmation of this work that God has given me.”

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