Thank a vet by feeding a vet

First Posted: 2/9/2015

I am addressing this letter to every person that lives in the Lima/Allen County area. Freedom is not free. Somebody paid. Many with their lives and others in many other ways.

All of use are very privileged to live in the greatest country on Earth and to have all the freedoms we enjoy everyday, but it has come at a great cost to someone else. Some gave their lives up front and some have ended up loosing the life they had. All of us owe a big thank to every man and woman that has served this country. Only because of them, we are free. They have earned and deserve all the help they may need after leaving the service but our government is not doing a real good job at that.

The new Veterans Food Pantry has just opened on North Street in Lima. It is very easy to get to with plenty of parking. With a few exceptions. I believe everybody can afford to throw a couple of extra items in their grocery cart to be donated to this pantry. It does not have to be a lot, just a box of macaroni and cheese, a can of vegetables or whatever. Nobody should ever have to go to bed sick at night, nobody should ever have to go to bed cold at night and nobody should ever have to go bed hungry. We can prevent this from ever happening to one of our veterans and we owe it to them.

I would like to see everyone come together to put “this little food bank” on the map.

— Millie Fisher, Lima

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