Brian Williams deserves chance

First Posted: 2/13/2015

Brian Williams was the news anchor for NBC and told some lies during reporting the news. These lies did no noticeable damage to anyone except to Brian himself and his reputation. These lies did not wound or kill anyone. “Let’s get real.” If we are all created equal, I suggest give Brian an equal break. NBC should study this issue, look at the good years Brian gave NBC and could produce more in the years to come. The general public loves “Brian Williams.” I think firing Brian would be bad publicity for NBC. This thing Brian has done was not a federal offense. This is not really a serious issue. What NBC actions are could make or break Brian Williams.

Now let’s look at a job Brian could have had, he would possibly take a pen, sign his name and disrupt millions of lives, or possibly cost many lives to be lost or send the economy into a tailspin or maybe do something stupid and make the United States of America the laughing stock of the world. Or maybe in a dire situation, turn a blind eye and deaf ear and go play 18 holes of golf. Brian Williams could have been someone that does not know which way is up.

Well NBC, the ball is in your court. Either sweep this uncalled for issue under the rug, or back Brian Williams in a campaign to run for president of this United States of America. Remember, we are all created equal. People love Brian Williams. Would NBC like Brian to share the people’s love with you?

— James L. Matson, Wapakoneta

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