Governing body that governs least governs best

First Posted: 2/14/2015

I trust the Thomas Jefferson will accept my apology for paraphrasing his famous quote “The best government is that which governs least.”

The INITIAL FOLKS are at it again.

In one case it is the USBC and in the other it is my old friend the OHSAA. Trust me when I say that the OHSAA is the lesser villain.

Please make note that I am not talking about our local branch of the USBC, the Lima Bowling Association. I am talking about the national governing body that will not let our local folks do what is needed.

While I am not saying that it is a bad idea — it has been suggested to our local association that they need to add a singles tournament strictly for the women of the association. I actually heard that they might have to add a doubles event for the women as well. Again not saying that either are bad ideas but come on corporate what do you say that we let our local leaders lead.

Just when I thought the alphabet people were goofy enough when they made the directors take a test to see if they were suitable to lead — we have this insanity. Enough is enough!

I also want to give some praise to the leadership of our LBA as it relates to the team tournament of the youth this weekend. Many will note that many of the top bowlers/thus teams in the junior portion of the association will not be in action. It was the other group, the OHSAA that made that happen.

In fairness the schedule was drafted before Shawnee and Lima Senior joined ranks with Lima Central Catholic and Temple Christian in the high school world. Needless to say the governmental entities of the high school sports world were not going to budge. What is bad of course is the youth in question have paid their season association dues and cannot compete. You really have to wonder why the USBC will not lobby harder in this type of case. There are some amazed as to how the youth can bowl in invitationals and not this tourney.

Varsity Lanes in St Marys was the site this past weekend for the second annual Revive Yourself Auglaize County Masters.

Some would say that it was a very competitive condition — yet others would say — “What would you expect in St. Marys at Varsity.” The conditions did seem difficult at the beginning but they seemed to open up quite a bit as the night went along.

Scott Ross of St Marys defeated the defending champion Dan “Fuzz” Ruck in a good-natured final match for the title.

The good-natured finale is another — “What else would you expect in St Marys at Varsity” kind of a moment.

Those of you who have never made the trip to Varsity really need to do so at some point!

I had a chance to spend some time with Larry Rain who informed me that he is a frequent reader of this column. What is more important than that is that he is there all the time to support his local favorites especially his daughters Kelley and Terry and his mega talented granddaughters Erica and Paige.

I have it on good authority that his wonderful wife Nikki was one of if not the best bowlers and athletes to ever live in St Marys. He would tell you that is where his kids and grandkids got their talent.

It was also great to see Peg Lowry again and her daughter Stefanie, the latter of which was there just screwing around.

Ross is already a great champion.

“This tournament is not about the money, it is about the honor! I would pull in this tournament if there was not a prize for the winner.”

He is also the champion of one other category at Varsity. He holds the record for the number of 300 games. I believe that I counted 14. What makes this number even more fascinating by today’s standards is that there have been less than 80 perfect games rolled there in the past 47 years. Carl Keysor would be second on that list with seven.

Peg Lowry who was more of a fan than a bowler the other evening has the only one for the women although you have to figure one of Larry’s family will break through at some point.

There are five significant tournaments coming up.

We mentioned the women’s singles tournament that all women will have the option of bowling in this next week. The LBA did a great job of holding cost in line and who knows it could lead to a nice payday as there is not any reason that every woman who bowls should not ante up an extra five this week for the chance to be a champion.

Two of the events are next weekend. On Saturday evening, the 21st at Astro Lanes JJ Miller Bowling Promotions will have another Proprietor Cup qualifier. The tournament starts at 6 p.m. but you will want to get there early to assure your spot and get something great to eat.

One of the elite events will be the following day, at 10 a.m. Feb. 22 with the second installment of the 800 Echelon. If you have rolled an 800 set there is not any excuse for not trying your hand in this event other than getting shut out. Call Southgate Lanes today in Bluffton to assure that does not happen.

The LBA Doubles is close as well. It will be rolled at 5 p.m. March 7 at Westgate. You can find entry forms at all the lanes.

Our high school youth will be able to compete with all junior bowlers in the youth version of The Lima City Singles at Southgate Lanes on March 21 and 22.

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