Lima has good Samaritan

First Posted: 2/4/2015

On the morning of Jan. 26, while driving to work on state Route 309 in that terrible weather, I found myself in a precarious situation.

Ahead of me was a line of stopped traffic and to my right was a high snow bank. Because I was reasonably sure that the “assured clear distance” wasn’t gong to come into play here, I headed toward the snow bank.

In short, I was stuck.

I sat there for what seemed an eternity and no one seemed to care. Traffic buzzed on by ignoring my flashers. All of a sudden this beautiful young woman by the name of Amy Mauk came walking down the highway and approached my car.

She told me she wouldn’t want people to drive on by and ignore her mother in distress and she therefore wanted to help me. Help me she did.

She recruited two young men called Tyler Benjamin and Jim Roberts. They pushed me out and five minutes later I was on my way.

I am ever so grateful to Amy, Tyler and Jim. Amy had parked her car at the Speedway and walked back to my car to give her assistance. How many people would do that?

God bless Amy. And to you too, Tyler and Jim.

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