Kind people do exist

First Posted: 2/11/2015

The other night my wife and I stopped at Fat Jack’s for a pizza.

A woman sitting in a booth behind us ordered the same size pizza as my wife and me. When the waitress brought our pizza she mistakenly gave it to the woman. She ate one small corner piece before she noticed it wasn’t hers.

The waitress said she could make us a new pizza but we said no big deal and we all laughed about it.

Later, when I asked the waitress for our bill, she said our entire bill had been paid for by the woman. I, of course, told her it wasn’t necessary, although it was very kind, but she insisted.

I never asked the woman her name but she told me she is a nurse at St.Rita’s and she lives in Continental.

This random act of kindness made me realize that not everything is so terrible these days. There are still a lot of people who are very kind and generous.

I hope I can repay this act of kindness somewhere along the line.

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