Coroner: Cancer led to man’s death

First Posted: 2/11/2015

LIMA — The Allen County coroner has ruled the cause of death for James Taylor, a former Lima resident, as complications from cancer and not from injuries suffered in a fire.

Bath Township Fire Department responded to a call of a fire at 1100 McCullough St., Lima, early Monday. Officials noticed the front of the house was significantly more damaged than the remainder of the home. The Allen County Sheriff’s Office reported the fire as aggravated arson.

Taylor was the only suspect in the case, the state fire marshal’s office said, until his passing Monday night. The Allen County coroner, Dr. Gary Beasley, said Taylor had a past medical history of dementia but could not speak on his mental state at the time of the fire. He said Taylor died from complications from the fire.

Taylor was pulled from the home by his son who was staying with him that night. The son was treated for his injuries and released.

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