James tweeting about teammate is for the birds

First Posted: 2/11/2015

Let me begin by saying that I do not tweet.

Not yet, anyway.

The radio boss has been on me for more than a year to begin my trek into the social media world.

Not yet.

It is going to happen, though.

I also don’t Facebook.

Not yet, anyway.

I have always told my wife that it seems like a gossip column to me.

Yet, there have been many times when she has told me an interesting fact or two, or I had learned something that I had not read, or seen, or heard previously.

So, not all bad, right?

But what has happened with LeBron James and his latest dip into the social media world scares me.

Tweeting something that reportedly was aimed at a teammate?

And the teammate knowing nothing about it — then reportedly taken aback by it, when he does find out?

What happened to talking to one another — like in person?

Aren’t the two together for several hours a day, whether it’s in the locker room or at practice, or even a game?

I can tell you that I do text a lot, although I am not good at that, either.

I can tell you that I actually texted an area head football coach while he was in the same room as I was.

Not good!

But I can tell you that I like talking to people.

It is something that I was taught to do early in life.

Before there were cell phones, and texting, and tweeting and Facebook.

Talking directly to one another was the only way to communicate, right?

I think our young people are relying too much on social media and not enough on improving their communication skills.

But that’s for another column.

This one is about communication with a fellow teammate.

It is common for there to be drama when a team is losing.

The Cavaliers have it, even while winning.

I think Kevin Love has handled himself incredibly — at least with the media — since first being traded to the Cavaliers.

He goes from being “the guy” in Minneapolis and from a team that wasn’t winning — so not many were paying attention — to being just one of the guys and on a team that has a circus atmosphere because of the media attention, literally every day.

I’ve heard that directly from the Cavs radio play by play announcer John Michael.

A little different for Michael than when LeBron wasn’t in Cleveland and the Cavaliers were losing.

But oh the drama!

I feel a lot better about this team with the new additions — thanks to a couple of great trades.

But I don’t like the drama that has become daily headlines out of Cleveland.

And not just with the Cavs, right?

Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon, Ray Farmer, Jimmy Haslam etc.

Right Browns’ fans?

I have always been told that before you hit “send” on an email — that you read it over one final time.

I have heard too many stories about people wanting to take back a tweet or a Facebook post.

I would think LeBron should have considered what he was going to tweet before he tweeted it.

I don’t care that he is LeBron James.

It makes no sense to tweet something like that — when you are talking about a teammate.

Talk to him.


And together go out and win an NBA championship.

That’s what I am hoping for.

And please remind me when I do start tweeting to remember to look it over a final time before hitting “send.”

Is that how you tweet?

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