Our past

First Posted: 2/6/2015

LIMA — Joe Dunkle wants to welcome business people to Lima with a bit of history about it.

Dunkle is a historical researcher and lecturer who has created a presentation on Lima’s history — in 10 minutes.

“I think it encompasses our beginning, our middle and not our end but our future,” he said. “I want to see if I can’t entertain the business community.”

He wants to welcome out-of-town guests and leave them knowledgeable about the city’s past, according to information on his presentation.

Dunkle got the idea when a friend asked him to present at a holiday party. He prepared his presentation on Lima’s history from 1824 to present and said his lectures have been very successful.

He started as a researcher learning about different individual’s lives, and then “next thing I knew I was going full-bore,” he said.

He also has another lecture on Lima’s oil history called “The Stopover Pig.”

Dunkle is from Bath Township, but left for decades to go first to the Army and then to work out West with the Southern and Union Pacific Railroads. He recently came back to the area and is hoping to offer his lectures to area businesses, especially ones that entertain associates from out of town.

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