Other side of Putnam schools

First Posted: 2/6/2015

After reading Superintendent of Putnam County Public Schools Jan. 31, 2015 column, be careful what you wish for. I would like to make four comments.

• I know for a fact that Putnam County Public Schools have taken money from Monsanto, a company that is being protested in many venues for poisoning our environment by sky, water and land. Many Putnam County and surrounding county public schools are taking money from Monsanto to help incorporate the federal governments mandated and money driven common core.

• Most of Putnam County schools have implemented common core into their schools. Even though many parents and teachers do not support common core. The superintendents have implemented common core because of money from Monsanto and the federal government even though they are going against wishes of the parents and teachers.

• Putnam County public schools take money from Big Pharm in the form of grants. If the regular person or business did this, it would be called money laundering. Big Pharm pays off the public schools so they can get their students hooked on ADHD drugs or Risperdal which makes the males confused as to whether they are male or female.

• The Department of Education in Washington D.C. is a complete waste of taxpayers money. It needs to be abolished now. It is just a bunch of overpaid bureaucrats. And while we are at it, let’s abolish NEA and form a taxpayers union and get rid of teachers union.

— Glen Lewis, Lima

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