Police calls

First Posted: 2/9/2015

1700 block of Latham Avenue, Lima — Officers responded to a report of theft of items from a residence Monday.

1300 block of East Fourth Street, Lima — Officers responded to a report of assault from a man who claimed he was punched in the back of the head by his neighbor’s acquaintance Sunday. The suspect then punched him in the face. The victim told officers he would have a family friend drive him to the hospital.

1000 block of Burch Avenue, Lima — A woman and her boyfriend got into an argument after drinking Monday. The woman told officers that her boyfriend became angry and drove off in her car.

1001 Bellefontaine Ave., Lima — A woman was assaulted by three women Sunday as she was coming out of Lombardo’s and walked through the Lima Memorial Health System parking lot. As she was walking through, she said the women came up behind her and started rummaging through her pockets and beat her to nearly unconsciousness. She said she did not recognize the women.

900 block of North Dale Drive, Lima — A man told officers that while he was away from his residence Sunday, someone came into his home and ransacked his home and stole guns.

138 W. North St., Lima — A woman told officers that she was at church Sunday at the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church when someone stole her purse.

800 block of East Ninth Street, Lima — A man reported that someone stole an air-conditioning unit and copper pipe from his property Sunday.

2750 Harding Highway, Lima — A gun vendor at the Tri-State Gun Collector’s Show told officers that someone stole a gun from his vendor’s table Saturday.

2000 block of Norval Avenue, Lima — A man reported Saturday that someone broke into his business and stole property.

3200 block of Berryhill Road, Lima — A man told officers that he received a letter from the IRS Monday stating they received his tax return, however he hasn’t filled his out yet. He believes someone is attempting to file his tax return.

500 block of South Market Street, Lima — Monday, officers observed graffiti on an underpass and removed it.

100 block of North Elizabeth Street, Lima — A vehicle was traveling northbound when another vehicle was traveling west on West Spring Street Monday. The second vehicle pulled out in front of the northbound vehicle and fled the scene. The vehicle that was struck was unable to give details to help identify the second vehicle.

1700 block of Brookwood Drive, Lima — A man reported that he received a letter from Comcast Monday saying he owed them more than $800 for services used in Detroit. He told officers that he does not know anyone in Detroit and has not given his personal information to anyone to open an account with Comcast.

300 block of East Sixth Street, Lima — A man reported that someone broke into his apartment and stole his television Monday. Officers observed a shoe print on the north-facing door and noticed the door to be splintered.

People charged with misdemeanor offenses are not identified in this column, but are identified through published court dispositions. This column is only a sample of available reports.

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