Another candidate announces run for mayor

First Posted: 1/19/2009

LIMA - Saying he wants to restore the city and make it a place people want to visit, William Dakota announced Monday he is running for mayor.

Dakota was in the news in 2005 when mayoral candidate Ned Bushong distanced himself from Dakota. At the time, Dakota was circulating fliers with Bushong's agenda without Bushong's permission and their relationship soured.

Dakota's concerns about things such as restoring Town Square and removing the flag pole from the square's center remain, and Dakota plans to run on them, he said Monday.

Among the ideas he proposes in a news release, Dakota, 71, wants a city manager and to eliminate most of City Council, "leaving two members working full-time working phones across the country to bring manufacturers to Lima."

He also wants to rid the city of one-way streets; bring new restaurants downtown, such as a "fish and chips place;" legalize medical marijuana; establish rent control; have a citywide vote on city Charter changes; perform city government department audits; create a hate crime law and improve the downtown Christmas parade.

Dakota addressed City Council in 2005 about his ideas for the square. At that time, it was reported he used to own a downtown theater that showed adult movies.

Dakota said he has tried to get professional basketball team Dallas Mavericks' owner, Mark Cuban, who also owns a movie theater chain, to show movies in the square.

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