Cost of tags keeps some from helping

First Posted: 1/26/2008

STACEY BURKHOLDER, ElidaWith the rising cost of dog tags, it is becoming even more expensive to own a dog. There are not only veterinarian bills to pay, but also dog food to buy, and now dog tags that get more expensive each year.We now have five dogs. Four of those dogs came from bad homes. One of them had a uterine infection. That costs more than $400 to have taken care of at the vet. Another dog was chained up to a tree all year round no matter the weather. Another dog was in a cage all the time and had not seen a vet in quite awhile. And, lastly, the fourth one just showed up as a puppy with a twine tied around his neck.How can we afford going through 100 pounds of dry dog food a month, yearly medical bills for wellness exams for each dog and then dog tags? If we had not taken these dogs in, who would have? The Humane Society is full. The more the cost of tags goes up, the more unwanted dogs there will be, so the Humane Society will become even more full.If folks cannot afford the dog tags, what should they do? Not buy dog tags? Find a new home for the dog? Or the option I like best, thought up by my grandma: Take all the Allen County dogs to the courthouse and picket for lower cost of tags?The more dogs one owns, the more money he should save. Please lower the cost of dog tags.

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