One-of-a-kind cards

First Posted: 2/6/2015

1. How did you get started making cards?

Actually, I started making cards a couple of years ago and started sending them to my friends. A lot of my friends are chronically ill, and I wanted to give them something special, to reach out to them personally, and not just talk to them on Facebook. I wanted them to have something tangible in their hands. So, I started making the cards. At first, I just sent store bought greeting cards. Then, I wanted to add a little something special to it, so I’d add a sticker or some other type of embellishment. After a while, I thought, you know what, I could probably start making these myself and avoid the store bought cards all together. So, that’s what I started doing. Then, I found I enjoyed it.

2. Where do you get your ideas?

I don’t really know. Actually, what I’ll do when I’m shopping at Hobby Lobby for my supplies, I look at the 3D stickers and ideas come to me on what to make and what that will look like on a card. Or, if somebody’s birthday is coming up, I try to think what they like, and I do a card around that theme.

3. What materials do you use that would surprise people?

I use charms. I’m starting to do charms. They have real cute one — I think I get them at Hobby Lobby — and they are a little heart that says “made with love.” I glue them to every one of my cards now. If somebody wants to, they can take it off the card, clean it up and wear it on a necklace. I use pearls, gemstones, postcards with pretty pictures on them. For my borders, a lot of people use stickers, but I use real ribbon and lace. I think that’s what makes them look a little more artsy and picturesque.

4. How long does it take you to make one card?

Some cards I can whip out in 15 minutes. Other cards, I’m working on for two days. So, it just depends on the card. Some of them take more gluing because if I’m using metal pieces, I like for that to glue for 24 hours. Then I come back and do the inside of the card. So, some of them take quite a bit of time.

5. So, is this a hobby or a business and can people buy your cards?

I started out making them for friends, and then it became a hobby. I had some friends who suggested to me, “Linda, I think your cards are really good. Have you ever considered selling them?” So, we talked to our financial adviser, and my cards are now going to appear in two stores. One is West Elm Relics. It’s an antique shop here in Lima. The other one is DorAnne’s Gifts & Gourmet in Findlay.

6. What is the most challenging part?

Coming up with ideas. Every one of my cards is unique. That’s why they are called Uniquely Handmade by Linda, so, when you hand that card to someone you can know that you are giving that one-of-a-kind person in your life a one-of-a-kind card. Even if two cards are similar, there is something different about it.

7. What do you enjoy the most about this?

I like creating them. I think the best time that I have is when I have somebody in mind for a card, and I put together something that I know they are going to enjoy when they open it. I like that I can create something specifically for somebody to let them know how special they are.

8. How long have you worked on your Valentine cards?

I’ve worked on them for a couple weeks, actually, and they were fun. I got some supplies and made some cupid cards. My favorite card looked like a box of candy. They were fun to make this year.

West End Relics is located at 2865 W. Elm St., Lima, and DorAnne’s Gifts & Gourmet is located at 327 S. Main St., Findlay.

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