Voter registration key to complaints

First Posted: 3/23/2008

PAUL RIZOR, LimaThe critical comments directed toward Allen County Common Pleas Judge Richard Warren over the makeup of the grand jury are misplaced.Grand jury proceedings are secret. They have been secret since they began. There is no chance anyone is able to manipulate the pool from which they are selected. It is a random process drawing names from the list of registered voters. If a group of people is underrepresented in that list, it is because they have not registered to vote.Warren is doing his job. If those unhappy at the selection of grand jury members want to correct the perceived problem, then they should aggressively pursue voter registration in their neighborhoods. The allegation of impropriety is wrongheaded and motivated by the suspicion that the system is rigged. It is not. Participation in the system is open. Jut register to vote. Cries of injustice are appealing to emotions already stressed. The outrage should be that more people are not registered to participate in our elections and government.

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