Letter: Too many problems in state budget bill

First Posted: 7/17/2009

As the state representative for Allen County, I write to provide an update on the Ohio budget situation and thank each of the constituents who contacted me in these past few months.

The state budget was passed earlier this week by the Ohio General Assembly. I did not vote to support this legislation. After hearing the concerns of my constituents who were upset with the proposed cuts to the public library funding, reduced funding for PASSPORT, cutting funding for Ohio nonpublic schools and other reductions in funding for vital services for Ohioans, I could not support this legislation. It was financially irresponsible and relies too much on revenue that might not be there in the coming months.

I want to say thank you to each and every person who took the time to contact my office either by e-mail, sending letters or by phone. I appreciate my constituents taking the time out of their busy schedules to share with me their views on the issues that are being discussed here in Columbus. It was very helpful for me to hear the personal stories of the residents of this county who have been well served by various state programs. I was elected to serve the people of the 4th House District, and I believe it is crucial to hear every concern my constituents have to best represent them..

Please know I am here to serve every Allen County resident, and I hope all of you will contact me with any concerns you might have.

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