Bath combining renewal levies into one

First Posted: 1/8/2009

BATH TOWNSHIP - Bath residents will see one school levy on the May ballot, but it will actually be two renewal levies combined.

The levy won't cost voters any additional money, Superintendent Bill Lodermeier said.

"We are not asking for any new money. This is no new taxes," he said. "We are just asking them to renew what has been previously passed over the years.

A five-year levy that raises $2.33 million expires at the end of 2009. A four-year levy that raises $1.39 million also expires.

The combined renewal will raise $3.72 million for operations. It will be a five-year levy. The millage will be determined by the Allen County Auditor's Office and the school board will vote on it at its Jan. 20 regular meeting.

The two levies make up 25 percent of the district's budget, Lodermeier said.

"If we lost either one of them, it would cripple us," he added.

The $2.33 million levy has been around since 1979; voters approved the other levy in 1985. The $1.39 million request had originally been for five years, but the board changed it in 2005 so the two could be combined this year.

The district needs to renew the levies, Lodermeier said, in order to continue to receive its reimbursement from the state for phasing out the tangible property taxes districts get from business.

It currently receives $1 million in reimbursement money. That payment is contingent on whether districts continue to pass current levies.

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