Concert Band ‘locked up’

First Posted: 2/2/2015

When it was announced that Memorial Hall was to be mothballed, there was a great deal of publicity in the media sharing the needs of the Blue Star Mother’s Food Pantry and the Veteran’s organizations. The community responded and facilities were found for these organizations.

Nowhere in any of the media coverage was it mentioned that the Lima Area Concert Band, who has had an office in Memorial Hall for 30 years, was also told to vacate.

Since September, the band has been searching other locations. They have not found one that meets their needs for a room that will accommodate their office equipment and large music library.

Now, the band’s 2015 concert season is in jeopardy. Rehearsals start in March. We need to have music ready to distribute to 80 musicians. But, the band’s music is locked up in the basement of Memorial Hall and we have no access to it.

Carolyn Detrick, Lima

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