Business offers test kits

First Posted: 2/3/2015

COLDWATER — All businesses want to save money, but not all would think of cutting from their drug testing budget.

That’s where Christina Zwiebel comes in. Her business, Test Kits At Home LLC, offers competitive prices for drug tests, many times without the hassle of sending anything to a lab.

“I’m just trying to help by saving them money,” Zwiebel said. “We are very competitive and very discreet.”

Test Kits At Home is a distribution company Zwiebel runs out of her home. She buys test kits of all kind — drug and other — directly from the manufacturers at wholesale prices and then, after doing her own mark ups, sells them to businesses and individuals at “competitive” prices.

The most expensive drug-testing cup is under $6, she said.

Though 95 percent of her business is drug testing, the company offers test kits for many other health conditions.

Zwiebel’s site,, offers tests for allergies, fertility, pregnancy, diabetes, steroid use, GHB, DNA, menopause, alcohol and more.

“It’s all home health tests,” she said. “It’s all Internet based.”

Customers can call and order from Zwiebel or order online and she or the manufacturer will ship it right to the customer.

“I take care of everything,” she said.

Zwiebel started the company in 2011 after looking into home-based businesses and deciding on test kits because it was “something I thought everybody could use.”

She quit her part time job at an automotive company two years ago to do it full time, and since, said she has “definitely noticed an increase in business.”

Now, she has thousands of customers, she said.

“It’s definitely paid off.”

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