Itching to see scratch league started in Lima

First Posted: 2/7/2015

We need a scratch league in Lima, Ohio!

The fact that we do not have one is really strange to me, and I know for a fact others who will remain nameless at least for now.

And please do not feel that this is a shot at any one group of people — it is not!

We live in an area that annually is able to draw more than 200 bowlers into a scratch event — aka/ actual wood to some.

Most will concede that for a myriad of reasons that it will never occur in Lima, Ohio — other than on the high school and college level.

While I am beginning to concede that such may be true — maybe it is the high school theme that begins to offer the solution.

Let’s bring back travel leagues to our bowling lexicon.

It does not seem that it would be that difficult for areas to put together quality teams of men and women. The local proprietors were always able to do it for All-Star showcases.

Why not now? The matches may even be worth the price of admission.

We could have the best of the best from 20th, Westgate, Bluffton, Ottawa, Delphos, Wapak and lets say two from Coldwater, Findlay and Kenton/Ada.

Can you imagine the matches? There may even be a corporate sponsor — say Storm/Roto-Grip — maybe Motiv that would be willing to donate enough balls for a raffle that could generate a major size prize fund.

Perhaps it could be a 16-week season, two Saturday nights a month. It could be two league nights in each house. I would even bet I could find a non-bowling league manager to oversee it.

Incidentally, the majority of the houses mentioned have high school feeder systems that would embrace the concept moving forward. We could have a rebirth of scratch bowling in our community.

What do you think bowling world?

J J Miller, Joel Schwartz and Derek Dukes make it happen — even if we just make one trip to each house this upcoming season.

Speaking of JJ Miller and Derek Dukes, there are two “Actual” bowling tournaments that are going to be rolled in our area in the next couple of months.

Miller will be running two separate qualifiers for the Proprietors Cup.

Billy Eyeshold and the proprietor of Beaver-Vu Wayne Hathcock in Beavercreek are the originators of the concept of the Proprietors Cup. They simply felt that there needed to be better offerings for the competitive “scratch” bowlers.

The “Cup” certainly offers that opportunity.

When asked why bowl the tourney — he gave the best answer for many in our area. “The cost of the entry is $70 and you will have the chance to turn it into $12,500 if you win “The Cup” which will be held later this summer at Beaver-Vu.

The next qualifier will be at Astro Lanes at 7 p.m. Feb. 21st If you cannot make it to Astro, plan on rolling at 20th Century on March 14. Call ahead to the lanes to reserve a spot.

Miller has a well known other motivation. “I love the game, and I just want to do what I can do to keep the game alive. I feel that there needs to be more events for the scratch bowler.”

As I look at the area collegians and the high school kids who are developing the scratch mentality, I really have to agree with JJ.

While we are on the JJ mindset — he teased what I think is a great idea the other day. He suggested making the rounds of all the small houses in the area, you know the ones with the over the top ball returns and hosting scratch matches in those locations. That thought is still under design.

The other tourney that really needs promoted today would be the second annual 800 Echelon event coming up very quickly, Sunday, Feb. 22, at Southgate Lanes in Bluffton. Play begins at 10 a.m.

This tournament becomes even a little more elite and will probably be harder to get into with the demise of the 700 Club event in Lima.

It is called the 800 Echelon for a reason. If it is anything like last year there will not be much danger of anyone shooting 800 in the tourney. It was a competitive test and a great deal of fun to watch the best of the best in our area get after the pins.

Derek you are appreciated for establishing a major event for our area.

The fact that the tourney is open to the first 40 that enter is amazing. There were not 40 700 Club members in the second year of that event would be my wager.

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