Women learn self defense

First Posted: 2/5/2015

LIMA — Adults may be able to learn something from the way a 2 year old behaves.

At least, that’s what Gennifer Akroyd said at the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business luncheon on Thursday.

The topic was self defense, and Akroyd, said “everything you need to know about self defense, you can learn from a 2 year old.”

When they’re upset or they don’t want to do something, they scream, stomp, throw themselves on the ground, pull hair, scratch and bite, she said.

“Those are the instincts that are given to us naturally to help us get out of a bad situation,” she said.

Akroyd works with Damsels in Defense, a company that sells self-defense products, and in addition to essentially throwing a tantrum if someone attacks you, she recommended carrying self-defense products like stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms and more.

“Know your product, and know how it works,” she said. There may be a certain self-defense product that is right for each person.

About 50 women attended the lunch, which also included Jeremy Hollis, with Tactical Security Consultants, discussing concealed carry licenses, classes and the correct way to hold a gun.

Nicole Scott, director of communications with the chamber, said the topic was chosen to help the attendees.

“I hope it helps build their self confidence to make them feel more independent,” she said.

The Women in Business events are quarterly and are open to chamber members and non-members, she said. They’re designed to help women network with other women.

The women in attendance also learned about the most common places women get attacked, which is in parking lots, public bathrooms, bars and on college campuses, Akroyd said.

Akroyd believes “passionately that women need to protected” and she gave women advice about what to do if they’re attacked.

“Use your big-girl voices. … Don’t be afraid to look foolish,” she said. “It is better to look foolish than find yourself in a [bad] situation.”

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