Rolling on for another season

First Posted: 1/29/2015

1. How did you become the bowling coach?

Well, at Temple, because it was a year we did not have a girls’ basketball team, we needed a girls’ winter sport. I had bowled, starting in fourth grade through high school. I was on the high school bowling team, and I knew I could do it. So, I offered and that’s how I became the bowling coach. I oversee both the boys and girls teams, but I coach the girls. I saw a need to have a sport for kids that doesn’t involve running up and down a court.

2. How many bowlers do you have on your team?

We have seven girls — four seniors, one junior and two sophomores.

3. How popular is bowling in the Lima area? Are there a lot of teams?

In the Limaland area, right now, Lima Senior has a team. Shawnee has a team. This is their first year, but they are doing really well. Lima Central Catholic has a team and has been established for a while. They helped us get up and running.

4. How does the scoring work at a match?

It depends on what conference you are in and how they bowl. You bowl a minimum of two regular games and two baker games. In our conference, the WOHSBC, we generally have two regular games and five baker games. A regular team is made up of five bowlers bowing five games. The first game, all five bowlers bowl one game each and you compile the scores. For the second game, it is the same thing, and they keep a running tally. Then you go into the baker games. It’s a really exciting team game. There are five bowlers and each bowler bowls two frames, but they do it one at a time. So, the first bowler would bowl frame one, the second bowler frame two and so on. Once you reach the sixth frame you start over with the first bowler. So, then the team with the highest pin count of all those games is your winner.

5. How much do you practice?

We practice twice a week. It comes out to a little over three hours a week. There are teams that practice five or six hours a week.

6. How many matches do you have during a season?

You have to remember that a tournament that has 36 teams, that constitutes just one match. You are allowed to have up to 24 matches. Our girls’ team will have 20 matches.

7. How long is your season?

The season generally kicks off the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Our conference’s last game is Feb. 14. Then there are the districts and sectionals and so forth each weekend until the state championship. Usually, the entire season is wrapped up by the first week of March.

8. What is your record this year?

In the conference the boys are 1 and 9, and the girls are 4 and 4.

9. What is the highest score your bowlers have gotten?

It was by a girl, and I am excited to say that because we have a group of girls that keep coming back. Lydia Shenk had our highest score of 202. That was an exciting day for me. We scored our highest match score that day, as well.

10. What’s your favorite part about coaching bowling?

I like to see the overall growth. They go from a beginner bowler to someone with experience. It’s a skill you can go on and enjoy for years to come. It’s also a great way to build relationships. I bowled with Josh Link over break, and he graduated several years ago, but that relationship continues after they graduate.

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