Diversity requires diverse applicants

First Posted: 1/30/2015

There has been a lot of discussion in Lima recently concerning ways to solve the “problem” of getting more minorities into the workforce.

For 24 years, I worked in the office of a local manufacturer. We made hydraulic jacks for aircraft and sold them to the government.

Since all of our work was for the government, we were required to be a Equal Opportunity Employer and had to verify that fact in every bid we submitted.

In addition, we were required to file, over the years, reams of paperwork to prove that point, yet we had no minorities working in our plant, and for a very good reason. They never came in seeking employment.

I can remember only two times when we succeeded in hiring minorities. One of them did not return to work after the third day, and the other one was arrested.

Never once did a minority come in to apply for a job working in our office, although all our jobs were well-advertised and had to include the statement that we were an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If one is to succeed in solving a problem, he must first determine what the problem is.

Millie Fisher


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