Charter group moves more changes to council

First Posted: 7/8/2009

LIMA - The city's Charter Review Commission worked on some verbal gnats Wednesday, little but pesky sections in the city's ruling document that give officials trouble every year.

The commission also wants to modify language specifying when preliminary appropriations are made at the beginning of each year before City Council approves a new budget.

Because of how the Charter language reads currently, and how the calendar fell with regard to a payday, City Council met on New Year's Day this year to approve temporary spending to make sure city employees would be paid.

The commission recommended the change to City Council so it can vote on placing language on a citywide ballot.

The commission also wants to eliminate the Charter's listing of a specific time for City Council's first meeting of the year.

Currently the Charter specifies that council must meet at 7:30 p.m. for its first meeting. The rest of the council's meetings begin at 7 p.m. Because the time is specified, the council can't change it. The time in the past has wreaked havoc with schedules, including Ohio State Buckeyes playing in college bowl games.

Auditor Gene Reaman provided changes to the commission he would like to see in the Charter with respect to his office.

The Charter requires the auditor to prepare an independent estimate of revenue, but current language requires the estimate based only on income tax revenue, which accounts for only half of total general fund revenue.

Reaman also recommended deleting an antiquated section dealing with purchasing and creating a purchasing policy approved by City Council.

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