Council rings in new year with quick meeting

First Posted: 1/1/2009

LIMA - Just hours after ringing in the new year Thursday, Lima City Council was already on the job - for about three minutes.

City Council had to meet briefly to approve temporary spending for 2009, which most importantly allowed city employees to get a paycheck today.

Council members, most dressed a little more relaxed than normal, spent more time chatting and wishing each other a "Happy New Year" than they actually did meeting in session and voting.

No one seemed to mind being there. President John Nixon said councilors aren't really a wild bunch that might have trouble getting up for an 11 a.m. meeting after a late New Year's Eve.

"There were no baggy eyes here this morning," he said with a laugh.

The city's charter requires that City Council approve spending only within calendar years, prohibiting the council from approving temporary spending for early 2009 at its last meeting of 2008.

Waiting until Monday's regular meeting wasn't possible because today is a payday. Needless-to-say, most of those employees benefiting from the holiday meeting skipped this one and stayed home.

City Council could have met today, but members decided on New Year's Day instead, Nixon said.

"This works out all right," he said, adding that members could still be home for Thursday football bowl games. Nixon doesn't remember having to meet on the holiday before.

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