An evening with Frankie and Dino

First Posted: 1/31/2015

LIMA — There’s nothing like a Saturday night in Lima.

Just ask the Rat Pack, or, in the case of the Knights of Columbus’ guests, Frankie and Dino.

Dressed in dark suits, skinny ties, shiny shoes and white fedoras, the duo may have been a bit late to the stage. But with a warm and welcoming round of applause, it seemed the audience wasn’t too upset. Their charming and smooth personalities helped too, beginning the night with a hardy “O-H-I-O” and a few jokes about the Browns.

It’s OK, though, they’re from Cleveland.

As one of the organization’s events for members, the show channeled the days of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin with song, comedy, food and entertainment.

Even with the possibility of rough winter weather, more than 100 tickets were sold for the even and there was a “great turn out,” said Rick Evans, the facility’s coordinator.

“It’s all about having a good time, that’s the goal,” he said.

The duo’s play list included “Somebody loves you,” “It had to be you,” and “On an Evening in Roma.” Of course, between each set, the boys squeezed in their own comedic commentary.

“It’s to make you like our singing more,” said stand-in Dean Martin. “Of course, the drinks help with that too.”

Knights of Columbus member Mary Jane Shackelford said she and her husband, Bob, usually make it out to the club once a week for food but are usually a bit more selective when it comes to going to events.

But an evening with Frankie? Who could refuse.

“It’s a good move on [the club’s] part,” she said.

She and fellow member Ken Harrod both considered Sinatra’s “My Way” to be their favorite tune.

“I hope it’s good,” Harrod said.

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