Land transfers

First Posted: 3/13/2015

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 5 to March 11. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 46 54 61

Mortgages 41 61 50

Mortgage cancellations 37 38 48

Financing statements 0 0 0


• Joshua D. and Amy R. Bayliff to Rollin A. Brenneman, 1626 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $61,800.

• Sarah Brenneman to Michael D. Watson, 520 Orena Ave., Lima, $2,500.

• Jerry Crawford and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to U.S. Bank National Association, 606 E. Fifth St., Lima, $77,800.

• Lima Florida Properties, LLC. to Trophy Capital, LLC., 410 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $12,500.

• Samuel and Jennifer Merritt to James C. King, 532 to 534 W. Elm St., Lima, $23,000.

• Scott Michael Moening, et al. and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Lima Florida Properties, LLC., 1703 W. Wayne St., Lima, $31,000.

• Rhonda M. Myers and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Main St. Homes – Lima, LLC., 1719 Bermuda Dr., Lima, $33,500.

• Kenneth Nichols to Kevin M. and Chastity S. Brewer, 135 S. Scott St., Lima, $10,000.

• Mary and Josephus Jr. Petaway to Robin Nelms, 708 E. Kibby St., Lima, $5,000.

• Trophy Capital, LLC. to Gloria Davis, 424 S. Baxter St., Lima, $6,000.

• Joe Valle to Patricia J. Stephens, 1245 N. West St., Lima, $37,400.


• Paul D. and Colleen G. Harter to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, Elida Rd., Lima, $17,423.

• Harter and Son Funeral Home, Inc. and Harter and Son Enterprises, Inc. to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, Elida Rd., Lima, $3,921.

• Todd A. and Leah A. Johnson to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, Elida Rd., Lima, $1,885.

• Timothy J. and Renee J. Knotts to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, 4071 Elida Rd., Lima, $10,000.

• James P. Long to Eric M. and Christy M. Vincent, 2873 Hummingbird St., Lima, $159,900.


• Gary L. and Lisa J. Klingshirn to Lawrence F. and Diana S. Wagar, 171 Brookview Court, Lima, $182,900.


• Michele L. Stone, et al. and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Federal National Mortgage Association, 201 W. Main St., Cairo, $40,000.


• Paul Carder, Dale A. Carder and Denice Carder to United Equity, Inc., 128 S. Main St., Delphos, $8,500.

• Brian Dudgeon, et al., Sheriff Samuel A. Crish and Jennifer Dudgeon to Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust, Wilmington Trust National Association, Citibank and Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates, 1028 N. Washington St., Delphos, $24,200.

• Ronald A. and Dawn Raymond Hirn to Daniel A. and Rebecca L. Hirn, 410 E. Third St., Delphos, $76,000.

• Tod M. Scheer, Dawn E. Scheer, Bruce L. Scheer and Donna P. Scheer to Jason A. Hauter, 460 Grant St., Delphos, $79,000.


• Janet Elaine Willeke to Tony A. and Chandra J. Braun, 7180 Ada Rd., Lafayette, $57,900.


• April A. and Robert G. Shattuck, Jr. to Jeremy D. Miller, 7049 Billymack Rd., Lima, $86,500.


• Katrina C. McClintock, et al., Sheriff Samuel A. Crish and Kenneth C. McClintock to Bank of New York Mellon and Cwabs, Inc., 1289 E. State Rd., Lima, $80,000.


• Judith and Phillip Kingsley to Jonathan Edwin Tuttle and Amanda Lynn Wischmeyer, 9255 Lugabill Road, Bluffton, $330,000.


•Brent J. Boitnott, et al., Sheriff Samuel A. Crish and Ann M. Boitnott to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, 2240 Seneca Dr., Lima, $78,000.

• Etzler Family Trust, John M. Etzler and Mark A. Etzler to Brent C. Hamilton, 3000 Inwood Dr., Lima, $83,000.


• Troy A. and Mary J. Jackson to Matthew A. and Elizabeth K. Martini, 217 N. Pearl St., Spencerville, $85,000.


• B. Andrew Brenneman, Sharon Vandemark and Ada Brenneman to Robert Edward and Mary Ann Moore, N. Wapak Road, Lima, $75,000.

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