Support our parks

First Posted: 4/28/2015

Please join my wife and me at the polls on Tuesday in support of our parks.

Because of the loss of government funding, those of us enjoying the benefits our parks provide will need to “step up.”

Kendrick Woods was a beautiful venue for our daughter and son-in-law’s outdoor wedding. Years later, our four grandchildren arrived and the family began going to Teddy Bear Park for picnics and nature walks, and took advantage of educational opportunities that were offered, and storytelling.

Ottawa Lake provides affordable swimming memberships for our grandchildren to enjoy. Heritage Park provides us with long walks on the trails with our dog. Along with wildlife, and canoe trips, there is the beautiful McElroy Center, providing many educational opportunities for children and adults.

Last, but not least, the Apple Butter Festival where dedicated volunteers help by demonstrating traditional skills designed to teach young people about the hard work, and difficult conditions our forefathers endured, and inspire memories in us older folks.

To get an idea of the many opportunities of very affordable activities available, visit their website at Please, enjoy and support our parks.

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