First Posted: 4/3/2015


Bradley J. Reynolds, 25, Lima, and Allison L. Bettac, 29, Lima; Jarrod D. Sumney, 36, Lima, and Christina L. Steed, 35, Lima; Kent E. Klopfenstein, 50, Lima, and Joan A. Kline, 45, Lima; Travis O. Wheeler, 39, Bluffton, and Cherrie I. Powell, 42, Bluffton; Daniel J. Sawmiller, 20, Lima, and Claire E. Pennington, 17, Lima; David J. Denny, 29, London, UK, and Katie M. Lee, 33, Spencerville; Matthew A. Hendricks, 29, Lima, and Margo D. Svec, 31, Lima; Ross M. Harmon, 22, Lima, and Jessica L. Adkins, 22, Lima; Timothy Johnson, 45, Lima, and Stepfonya D. Jones, 33, Lima.

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