Teachers with guns a terrible idea

First Posted: 3/9/2015

My husband and I are long-time residents and supporters of Elida Local Schools. Wee have sent our three children there in trust, and now gladly volunteer to help with tutoring and other activities. We are concerned about the lack of community input that has been encouraged or even asked for in regards to putting guns in the schools, presumably to enhance school safety.

What part of zero tolerance are we missing?

If students can be kicked out of school for possession or even a threat of using a weapon, what makes it right for teachers and staff to carry or threaten to use weapons in the schools? Guns and schools are not meant to be together; They have diametrically opposed purposes — one to kill or maim, the other to nurture, develop and enhance our children. We are absolutely opposed to arming teachers or staff in the name of safety.

Please, if you truly believe that our children are that threatened, take the money you would to purchase guns, licensing, secure cabinets and liability insurance, and instead hire an off-duty sheriff’s deputy to patrol the buildings. Talk to Jill Ackerman at Lima City Schools about the measures they have in place, surely our security cannot be in more jeopardy than theirs.

Thank you for taking time to read and consider our viewpoint in this very important matter.

— Francis and Mary Early, Elida

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