The StepCrew to perform at Niswonger

First Posted: 4/8/2015

VAN WERT — Tafi Stober, marketing director of Niswonger Performing Arts Center, said people thinking about attending The StepCrew performance Tuesday will witness a dance style they have never seen before.

“It is a lot of high-energy fun,” Stober said. “It will make you want to tap your foot.”

Stober defined The StepCrew as being somewhat of a modernized version of Riverdance.

“It is in that same style, but it is very unique,” Stober said. “It is unique because they fuse different styles together with traditional Celtic flavor and rock.”

The StepCrew, out of Ontario, combines three styles of dance — Irish, tap and Ottawa Valley (Canada) — into a highly energetic show that also features a fiddler.

The StepCrew first formed when brothers Nathan and Jon Pilatzke met Cara Butler at a fiddle and stepdance festival near Ontario. The three became friends and created the group. The group has seen other members join as they became more well known.

Paddy Maloney, a six-time Grammy Award winner with the Chieftans and now a dancer with The StepCrew, said that the group remembers what is important.

“The StepCrew does not simply draw thier audience in, Maloney said. “They take them by the hand and remind us what dance is meant to about, fun.”

Stober said Niswonger will also unveil the 2015-2016 Community Concert Series during the performance.

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