Writers insulted Christians

First Posted: 4/28/2015

I wonder where the Rev. Raymond Davis Jr. and the Rev. Holly McKissick got their so-called Bible schooling (“If Jesus were to address Congress today, what might he say?” April 23)? For they sure don’t know the same Jesus I learned about in Bible College and my church.

The Jesus I know of was not in politics. Nor did he agree with the politicians of his days. That is why the liberal politicians of his days hated him.

There are some things that if Jesus did visit Washington, D.C., he would say.

First he would ask why the American people allowed the government to kick his father (God) out of America. The government and the courts ruled to stop prayers in the public schools, took the Bible readings out of public schools.

Sexual immorality has taken over in this America. Killing of the unborn babies. Jesus told his disciples to allow the little children to come to him and he blessed them. And the many other crimes that is going on in America today.

I could go on and on and give many verses from the Bible on these subjects. But The Lima News only allows me so many words.

It is time for all real God-fearing born-again Christians to stand up and speak out for our God and country. And pray that God will come back into our American way of life and bless America again.

What these two so called reverends wrote offends me as a born-again Christian. And it is an insult to me and my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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