Letter: Inspiring visit to Lima

First Posted: 9/27/2010

Last Thursday was a Blessed day for the 35 people that came to my house on Essex Drive. We hosted the Ohio Democratic Chairman, Chris Redfern. He drove himself from Columbus, Ohio to talk to ordinary folks about the upcoming elections.

He seemed so young and talked about his 2 year old just getting a bicycle, but he was out on the road. We all raised our hands when he asked us if we knew someone out of work, struggling to pay for college or had major health concerns and their insurance companies were ignoring them. He said Ohioans should not forget that for the previous 16 years the Republicans were negligent and fraudulent. Connie Miller spoke up at one point and said that it was 90 years ago that women actually got the right to vote.

Chris spoke of the media scare we have been enshrined with and that he did not recall over the past decades anyone disgracing a sitting president. The disrespecting of a president is not a condoned practice of ex-military personnel. We had two former Tuskeegee Airmen was with us, and they agreed.

The event was beautiful with the nice weather and food in the close knit neighborhood I live. School buses brought home the Headstart and Kindergarten students. Ted Strickland refunded early education and has kept college costs down in Ohio. The 6 month anniversary of health care reform was today too and that has opened many new ways to become insured as an "Inalienable Right" not a privelidge.

My health now is not that good, but what I do want to tell the community is that we must get out and vote. Chris Redfern told us "R" on the ballot means reverse. We may not be currently represented by a Democrat but there are many who are in office working for us.

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