Letter: Let FAA know that local airport safety matters

First Posted: 3/13/2010

I have been a flight instructor at the Allen County Airport for 30 years. As someone who depends on my local airport, I am concerned the Federal Aviation Administration in the near future intends to close dozens of local Terminal Radar Approach Controls. This would have a big effect on the safety of air travel for business, local pilots and the surrounding area because the larger TRACONS will be given to the bigger metropolitan airports.

When these services are removed from the smaller airports, the local knowledge of air traffic controllers at the facility would be lost. For instance, our local controllers know where Interstate 75 is and, more importantly, where the local airports are in case the pilot needs that information because of an emergency.

The FAA has an obligation to prove this proposal would benefit users as well as increase safety or efficiency. So far, it has failed in its obligations.

Anyone interested can go to www.localairportsmatter.com. Your thoughts should be sent to your representative.

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