Letter: Newspaper did its job reporting on shooting

First Posted: 8/1/2010

Having been brought up to say please and thank you, I feel I have been remiss as far as my thank yous are concerned.

I wish to say thanks to The Lima News for its investigative reporting in the shooting of a gun while the shooter was three sheets to the wind. Some folks were not happy with that item.

I thank you for printing my letters. They allow me to vent, offer my opinions, and it saves my long-suffering child having to listen to me expound on my views. Her ears are getting a needed rest.

Thank you to the editors for a balanced, fair paper. It is true I do not always agree with you, but I am grateful for the diversity and the good read.

Now for the please part of this missive: Please keep up the good work and honest reporting. I look forward every morning to my newspaper.

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